Staying Ahead Of Cyber Threats

Digital transformations and cloud adoptions have expanded the attack surface of many organizations. Cloud computing is one of the biggest cybersecurity challenges, but you can start with attack surface management to continuously identify and reduce the exposure risk caused by human error, security misconfigurations, easily exploitable vulnerabilities, and user credential leaks.

You Can Only Protect What You Know

Want to know the exposure risk of your organization?

Start a 6-month subscription of POC CODERED ASM to identify and response to the exposure risks associated with your domain, subdomain, website, email, network, cloud storage, brand, employee and customer accounts.

You can only protect what you know

Operational Threat Intelligence

  • Constantly collect and analysis of your attack surface.
  • Identify vulnerabilities, human error, and mitigate emerging threats.

Attack Surface Monitoring

  • Ongoing discover unknown and unmanaged assets, digital exposure and threats.
  • Proactively minimizing the risk of successful cyber attacks and reducing overall exposure risk.

Public Exposure Security Assessment

  • Continuous assessing your sensitive data exposure, compromise account, and data breaches in dark web.
  • Respond and mitigate risks promptly.

Your first line of defence

Through the integration of AI/ML and human intelligence, our revolutionary CODERED ASM technology promise you Zero false positive, Zero license and Zero installation. You can focus your resources on real security risks and respond more effectively and efficiently.

Respond anytime and anywhere

Our mobile app designed to empower users with security management capabilities at their fingertips. With this app, you can confidently protect your organization’s digital assets and respond swiftly anytime, anywhere.

  • Persistent alerts and customizable notifications
  • 24/7 Live chat with cyber security specialist
  • Attack surface and exposure analysis
  • Latest vulnerability and threat advisories
  • Threat mitigation advisory
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Respond to alert
  • Status tracking
  • Monthly report